Roger Berkley - DigitalOps Defintion


Defining DigitalOps

Roger Berkley - Saturday, 15 August 2020.

Prime DigitalOps

DigitalOps is an emerging form of Automatic Automation.


DigitalOps is a software category dedicated to providing Digital Process Operations as-a-service. DigitalOps platforms provide the environment, tools, processes, standards, and methods to run digitalisation initiatives digitally, without having to rely on traditional Business Process Services.

What DigitalOps is not, and what it is.

  1. It is not process automation software, it is digitalisation management software.
  2. It is not Hyperautomation, it is an enabler of Hyperautomation.
  3. It is not Connected-RPA, it is an enabler of Connected-RPA.
  4. It is not a Business Process Management System (BPMS), it is an automation management system.
  5. It is not Robotic Process Automation (RPA), it is an accelerator of RPA.
  6. It is not Process Mining, it completes data-based process discovery with people-oriented process discovery.
  7. It is not Digital Process Automation, it is the digitalisation of automation.
  8. It is not a result of hype, but it emerges as a necessary companion to all existing business process technologies.

Why DigitalOps?

  1. Business process automation doesn't happen by itself or by magic software.
  2. Digital process automation doesn't scale without a healthy business process supply.
  3. Hyperautomation and Connected-RPA can't happen without the business processes required.
  4. Human-computer interaction capture-recorders result in robotic sequences and not in business processes.
  5. Process mining does not address people-oriented business process discovery.
  6. Scaling a business process management workforce, while necessary, is not easy and is rarely desired by businesses.
  7. Traditional business process services are manual and include a magnitude of non-value-added steps.
  8. Businesses still need their business processes managed to digitalise and automate.
  9. Businesses still need people-driven process discovery, analysis, and design prior to automation.
  10. Traditional collaborative business process discovery workshops can be digitalised.
  11. Parts of the business process management lifecycle can be automated.

Is Automatic Automation real?

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