I'm Roger Berkley. On this page you find information about my research interests, what I'm looking for, and how to contact me.

Research interests

My research interests are rooted in the disciplines of Business Process Management and Information Technology. I find it most instrumental to perform research with an interdisciplinary approach. It's edifying to pursue ideas and topics both intricately and contextually.

Contextual research fields

  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Process-Aware Information Systems PAIS
  • Intelligent Process Systems
  • Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Process Systems
  • Business Process Digitalization

More intricate research interest areas

  • Applied Business Process Automation methodologies
  • Effective bot-flow discovery
  • Exception handling in unattended robotic business processes
  • Effects of automated bot-flow discovery in human-interfacing information systems
  • Automated Machine Learning in process systems

Academic education

EACEA EMJMD Erasmus Mundus Scholar - Graduated

  • 2014, M.Sc. Information Management, Tilburg University
  • 2013, M.Sc. IT Service Engineering, University of Crete
  • 2012, M.Sc. Computer Science, University of Stuttgart
  • 2005 - 2009, B.Sc. Management Information Systems, Applied Science University

Professional experience

My professional working experience of 9+ years includes early data-intensive fundamental financial analysis, intermediate business analysis and requirements management, follwed by business consulting in business process management, analysis and design of robotic process automation solutions, development and operations of robotic process automation solutions, and advisory to enterprise digitalization competence centers. My working and consulting roles are in financial services, information technology services, banking, tax, utilities, and logistics. As a freelance enrepreneur, I founded Prime Automation business services. Send me a message for a complete academic or professional CV.

Roger Berkley

Roger Berkley

Founder, Prime Automation

Looking to join a research group as a Ph.D. researcher in business process automation, digitalization, process-aware information systems, robotic process automation systems and related disciplines.


What I'm looking for

The God particle. Nope, that was identified in 2012. Luckily, I'm looking for easier things to find.

The reseach place

The place I'm looking for strives to advance. It offers good consideration to research tradtion and established knowledge, and is ready to complement new reseach consensus when a positive advancement necessitates.

The space

The research space I'm looking for is not constrained by its buildings, desks, computers, and whiteboards. It is not engulfed in its own sphere. It is ready to look outwards and seek solutions from the external, near and distant.

The research

Intricate, detailed, and complex if need be. But also simple, applied, effective, and blue ocean if need be.

The aim

Interdisciplinary research in automated business systems. Indicators suggest an accelerating rate of availability of and accessebility to business automation systems. Systems which mimic human thinking and human activity alike are becoming more adopted in businesses around the world. The opportunities and challenges arising from the continued advent of intelligent process systems in business also suggest an academic need to study related topics in a wider multidisciplinary approach.


Considerable business process digitalization is rarely small enough to not usher dependant change to various other areas of a wider more complex business system. Large-scale big-bang and even gradual change to business systems eventually bring change to their more complex wider environment systems. As such, information technology induced change can be studied in relation to seemingly distant yet inter-connected economic, social, and other wider systems.

Academic research of industry breakthroughs

Does academic research in business and technology lead to applied breakthroughts? Yes. It also absorbs breakthroughts brought in by industry as it advances. I believe it is important for academic research to continue both ushering and absorbing applied breakthroughs to and from industry and external technology innovation.

Industry adoption of academic research

Does industry innovation and garage innovation achieve breakthroughs? Yes. Plenty of its breakthroughs are largely founded on years of prior academic research. I believe it is important for industry and innovative entrepreneurs to keep aware of parallel advancements in academic research.

Free thinking and free expression

Are cornerstones of technological and human advancement.